Attention B2B Consulting Firms

Learn How To Go From Relying On Referrals To Booking An Extra 5-10+ Qualified Appointments Using Personalized Cold Email At Scale

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The market for Business Consulting is growing, but so is the amount of competitors you have.

You're trying your best to grow and scale your business,But you're not getting the consistent flow of new clients needed, even after exhausting your network and your referrals.You need a consistent flow of high quality leadsBut between marketing, sales and fulfillment, you're barely keeping yourself above water.

You've tried working with an agency before, only to be left disappointed.

They promise amazing results, but fail to deliver.Wasting your time and your money, barely getting any return for your investments.It feels like they don't care about your business, and they don't. To them you are just a monthly payment to collect.

Imagine having a lead generation system that brings in an extra 5-10+ meetings with your ideal clients every month.

A solid system that provides you with a predictable flow of qualified leads.Never having to worry about where you next client is going to come from. Ever again.A streamlined lead generation machine, built for you. Adding quality leads to your calendar. Without you having to spend a single second.Giving you time to focus on closing sales, providing amazing service to your clients and growing your firm.

Meet The Founder

Elvis has helped B2B firms increase their monthly revenue by systemizing their lead generation system.He has worked with Marketing Agencies and B2B firms, and helped build systems that these companies could rely on to grow their business.He is the founder of EYLead, a lead generation consultancy primarily working with B2B Consulting Firms looking to scale.

Partner with EYLead

I understand how stressful running a B2B Firm is. Your time is limited. The last thing you need is an ineffective, stressful marketing system.Working with me, you'll:
- Consistently get qualified leads in your pipeline.
- Receive weekly reports on my process and results.
- Get on calls with 5 - 10+ of your ideal clients every month.
- Get results without you having to spend any of your already limited time.

The 3 Phase System

Phase 1

- I'll help you fill out my onboarding form to clearly define your target market.
- I'll run an audit of your current lead generation operations.
- I 'll create different sale assets to leverage for the outbound campaigns

Phase 2

- I set up an email Infrastructure to send outreach emails at scale
- I test messages and campaigns until I've have a scalable system that works best for your firm.

Phase 3

- You get booked sales appointments on your calendar.
- I scale the winning email campagins.
- We'll strategize together about different ways we could grow your business.

Now take a moment to evaluate the alternative option.

Doing absolutely NOTHING and staying exactly where you are.You can continue to feel overwhelmed with the amount of tasks that must be completed on a daily basis.Continue to struggle to fill your pipeline with qualified leads.Wasting your time on calls with tire kickers.Never being able to build a firm you can be proud of.

What Are You Waiting For?

Are You Ready To Book An Extra 5 - 10 Qualified Calls With Your Ideal Clients Every Month?

EYLead Consultation Call

If you are ready to scale your firm. If you want to stop wasting your time on ineffective systems and actually get results.Book a call in the calendar below and lets have a chat about your current situation.There is no obligation to work with me after the call.I will simply audit your systems and consult you on building a game plan to build a scalable system.Book a call and let’s figure this thing out together.

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